4 Common Causes of High Cholesterol and How to Control Them

4 Common Causes of High Cholesterol and How to Control Them

Cholesterol is a wax-like substance that is found in the fats in your blood. Your body needs a regular supply of cholesterol in order to build healthy cells. However, a high level of cholesterol can lead to heart diseases. With high cholesterol, your body starts depositing more fats in your blood vessels which block the blood flow. As the cholesterol blocks the blood flow through your arteries, your heart will not get enough oxygen-rich blood. This increases the chance of heart attack. Furthermore, due to low blood flow to your brain, there is a risk of stroke. Here are a few common causes of high cholesterol.

Causes of High Cholesterol

Poor Diet
One of the major causes of high cholesterol level is your diet. If your diet includes the following items which have saturated fat, then the risk of high cholesterol increases.

  • Dairy products such as butter, cream cheese, cheese, etc.
  • Fatty cuts of pork, beef, etc.
  • Processed meats such as sausages, salami, etc.
  • Commercially-baked crackers, cookies, etc.

Obesity is another factor that affects the normal range of cholesterol levels. If your BMI is 30 or higher, then you have a high chance of getting affected by high cholesterol.

Smoking reduces the good cholesterol in your body. It even harms the inner side of the arteries which makes the sticking of cholesterol and other fats easier in your arteries. Thus, smoking causes the normal range of cholesterol levels in your body to go completely off.

Diabetes is also one of the major causes of high cholesterol. It reduces the HDL cholesterol of your body which leads to the damaging of arteries, thereby increasing the chances of a heart attack.

Controlling Cholesterol
In order to reduce high cholesterol levels in your body, your doctor will recommend a change in lifestyle. If proper dieting and exercise fail to provide relief, then you will be prescribed certain medications to lower your LDL levels. Also, before your doctor prescribes any medicines, you should discuss your complete medical history. This will ensure that your current medications do not react with the newly prescribed medicines.

Finally, if you have high cholesterol then you need to check your diet and start living an active lifestyle. In this way, you will not only lower high cholesterol but will also be able to keep other health problems away.

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