All about PANDORA bracelets and charms

All about PANDORA bracelets and charms

PANDORA is one of the most popular go-to places in the country for anything related to jewelry, especially bracelets and charms. PANDORA has bracelets for every occasion, theme, and relationship–there is literally no theme that PANDORA charms can’t represent. From alphabets to Zodiac, from love to travel, from nature to pets, from quotations to contemporary, there is something for everyone and every occasion.

These charms can be beaded, clipped, chained or dangled from bracelets. These days, bracelets and charms are trending more than any other jewelry. They come in all shapes, designs, and colors.

PANDORA charms are made of gold and silver. PANDORA has also introduced their trademarked PANDORA Shine™ charms, which are 18k gold-plated silver charms and also PANDORA Rose™ charms made of 14k rose gold. These can be bought at an affordable price during the PANDORA charms and bracelet sale.

Many PANDORA charms have remained right at top of the trend in the fashion circles. If one wants to buy PANDORA charms now, the following could be something to look at, as these have remained the top 10 charms from PANDORA for June 2018.

  • Starfish Clip Lock Charm made of Sterling Silver
  • Green Cactus Charm made of Sterling Silver
  • Starfish Clip and Lock Spacer
  • Tropical Starfish and Seashell hanging-charm
  • Flamingo Glass Charm
  • Boat Anchor Charm made of Sterling silver
  • Antique Flower Beads made of Sterling Silver
  • Goldfish swimming in a transparent pond
  • Gardening water can charm
  • Soulbeads charm

PANDORA also offers some exclusive and limited edition charms too. Charms exclusive to a particular country to commemorate a particular event are also offered by PANDORA. For example, Royal Denmark Cathedral Charm was released as a limited edition only in Denmark to celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Frederic and Mary Donaldson. Some of the other popular limited edition dangles were Work Cup 2014, Sparkling Mickey, and Sparkling Minney among others.

PANDORA had launched the charm bracelet concept in the year 2000 from its facility in Thailand. Although the brand has stopped manufacturing charms that were designed back in those days – it is not surprising that there is significant demand for them even now.

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