An overview of male breast cancer

An overview of male breast cancer

Male breast cancer is just as rare as it sounds, only it’s real. Of all the breast cancers, one percent of occurs in men. The causes and risk factors are similar as in any breast cancer in women. There are no defined causes for breast cancer but there are certain risk factors that increase the chances/risk of getting cancer in men and women. To prevent and/or cure cancer, we must know the risk factors, causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Coming to statistics, breast cancer has taken 0.22 % deaths of all cancers in men. The survival rate in both, men and women, breast cancer is on the rise to state a positive note.
Certain risk factors for male breast cancer include men having enlarged breasts with the increase of breast tissue in them and can find a small tissue that feels like a button, under the areola. This could be a condition of gynecomastia.

Similar to gynecomastia, Klinefelter syndrome is another condition that comes across as a risk factor for breast cancer in men. This condition is a rare genetic problem. The X chromosome is extra in men when they have this condition. Smaller testicles and enlarges breasts are the results of Klinefelter syndrome and if one feels he has that condition, then he must visit the doctor.

If there is a family history on breast cancer or genetic mutation (which is an event that changes the genetic structure in the body), it can increase the risk of breast cancer in men.

Survival rate in male breast cancer is rising because of the symptoms people notice. Dimpling of the skin on the breast tissues can be one of the early symptoms of breast cancer. Puckering of the skin around the breast area is another symptom of breast cancer.

If you notice anything difference in the nipples, such as, retraction, discharge, or if you notice redness or scaling of the breast skin, then take this matter to a doctor and up on prescription and get a diagnosis done so you can start with the cure. Pain in the nipple or sensitive nipples can also be one of the symptoms.

The early stages of breast cancer are curable and the later stages are fatal. Therefore, if you notice anything unusual or direct symptoms, get yourself checked medically. Awareness of male breast cancer is also important for people to look out for signs of the same disease.

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