Different fabrics used to make outdoor cushions

Different fabrics used to make outdoor cushions

While choosing outdoor cushions, focussing on the fabric that the cushion is made of is very important. The first thing to keep in mind is whether or not the cushions are going to be exposed to certain weather conditions.

The outdoor cushions are usually subjected to winds, moisture, and extreme hot and cold weather conditions, which is totally unavoidable. The fabric must be water, UV, and heat resistant so that it remains unaffected under such conditions. Designer fabrics are also available, but, understanding the type of fabric that you exactly need is a smart way of buying one. Few of the most commonly used fabrics are described as follows:

Cotton: It is a plain woven fabric used for outdoor cushions. The outdoor cushions were traditionally made of hemp, but in the modern days, the cotton fabric is common and popularly used. Cotton is a heavy duty fabric which is relatively affordable and used in many outdoor applications. The material is hard-weaving and dyes easily without fading for a long time.

Duck cloth: It has a tight weave which has a texture much smoother than cotton. It is popular for its softness and comfort that it allows. It is slightly more expensive than cotton but harder to paint or customize, unlike the cotton fabric. Hence, to get the feel of cotton but experience something a bit sturdier, the duck material can be the right choice for you.

Vinyl or PVC: It is hardy and easy to clean, best for use on patio cushions. It is used in the market for a very long time and is the second most popular plastic available today. Its impact on health has been a subject of debate in the recent years but still, vinyl being recyclable is a very good choice to make.

All of these materials are suitable for the purpose of sitting outdoors and allowing yourself and your guests a comfortable time. All you have to decide is whether you prefer cotton or another fabric. Choosing the right type of fabric is an important deal because it is exposed to your skin. Its durability in the outdoors is also an important factor to consider.

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