Do’s and don’ts in domain name registration

Do’s and don’ts in domain name registration

Hosting a website is quite simple process these days. Thousands of websites are being hosted on a daily basis worldwide. They all have unique domain names which give addresses to their website. Domains are used by everyone, from personal bloggers to multi-national business houses, free websites to paid websites, etc. Domains essentially make or break your website, so if one doesn’t give ample thought to them, it can easily sway the traffic that could possibly be directed to their website. Listed below are the do’s and don’ts of domain name registration:

Important do’s and don’ts:
– It is important that the owner must register the domain name on his name itself. Registering the name on behalf of your friend or anybody else could result in serious damage in the future.
– Make your domain name unique. Don’t try to replicate it from somewhere else. This will enhance the scope of your domain, keep it unique, and ensure traffic flow in the future.
– The domain name should be crisp and concise. People don’t tend to remember long and lengthy domain names.
– Don’t limit your option to .com. There are several other possibilities that you can rely upon and which are quite known and popular today. If you want to standout from the millions of already registered domain names, find other unique domains. This could increase the traffic to your website.
– Limit the use of symbols or don’t use symbols in your domain name. Using symbols is difficult for other users to reach your website.
– Include your geographic region in your domain name if you can. This could make it more understandable and reachable to people and will definitely boost the traffic of your website.
– Make sure you choose the right registrar for your registration. For the registration process to be complete, you have to share many details with them including your bank details and other personal information too. Make sure the registrar is a genuine one.
– Always renew your website from time to time or have a facility to do it automatically. If renewal is not done on time, it can lead to blockage of the website and lead to you losing your registered domain. Make sure its renewed properly.
– Don’t delay registering your domain because you may not get the name later or you may have to pay a hefty amount to have the ownership of that domain.
– Don’t buy a domain name without checking its history. There may be some legal cases pending on that domain and ultimately that burden may land up on your head.

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