Fighting sleep disorders, things to know

Fighting sleep disorders, things to know

There are three major tests to diagnose a sleep disorder. They are as follows:

Genetic Blood Testing: Blood test done to identify narcolepsy or any other health conditions that cause your sleep disorder.

Polysomnography: Test that involves the patient to sleep to evaluate the oxygen levels, body movements, and brain waves to diagnose a sleep disorder.

Electroencephalogram: Test involving electrical activity in your brain that is the cause of sleep disruption in your body.


Medication for sleep disorder depends on the cause and body type. It involves medicinal and lifestyle changes.

Medical treatment can include sleeping pills, melatonin supplements, allergy or cold medication, breathing devices for sleep apnea, dental guard, Lifestyle changes will be more efficient in improving the quality of your sleep even better if the drug is involved.
You can limit the caffeine intake, and tobacco as well as alcohol intake. Start the intake of vegetable and fruits and include fish into your diet. Avoid situations that give you stress and anxiety. Create a regular sleeping pattern. Always drink very less water before bedtime. Dieticians say always eat food with less carbohydrate before bedtime.
Keep a schedule for bed time as this can significantly help you sleep quality. If the pattern is changed during the weekends due to personal reasons, this can make it difficult for you to wake up on time during weekdays and you end up with distress.

Other ways

Meanwhile, there are simpler ways to reduce sleep disorder.

  • Research of sleep association has shown that exposure to higher magnetic fields while sleeping can cause ailment hence use battery powered clocks near our bed.
  • Try turning off the bedroom affecting lights or plugs, because this affects your immune system badly.
  • Discard the phones, portable mobile chargers, any other wireless devices because studies have shown their interference with body’s immune system to be toxic.
  • During lightning, the magnetic fields can pass onto the appliances and build wiring which can penetrate through walls and into the bedroom that can even cause sleep apnea for months and result in death. Ensure never to use metal framed beds that distort earth’s natural magnetic field.

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