Guide to Buying the Cheapest Windshields

Guide to Buying the Cheapest Windshields

Finding the cheapest windshields on the market is a daunting task. Firstly, there are numerous shops, stations or junkyards you can visit to buy the cheapest windshields. But, the two most important aspects of choosing the cheapest windshield are its price and the right wiper blades.

The price will be the best judge of based on your budget. But a pair of windshield wipers can be chosen smartly. You will encounter different windshield wiper blades ranging in color, size, and models.

Before we start looking at the criteria in choosing the perfect windshield wiper blades, you need to also ask yourself some questions with regards to your cheapest windshield. Let’s get on with it then.

Things to remember before getting the cheapest windshield

Start by reading your car manual. Understand the size of the windshield and also of the windshield wiper blades. Ask someone who knows about auto car parts. Remember that along with investing in a durable windshield, spending a little more on wiper blades will result in better durability.

-Remember to look for a certified windshield
-It should take close to an hour for the replacement windshield to be put on
-Ensure that there are proper adhesives used while setting up the windshield
-Silicone cones are usually preferred which prevent dust and leakage
-Insist on OEM piece of glass
-Ensure that the technicians working on your windshield are trained
-See if you are getting new moldings done
-Find out if the garage/workshop you are getting the replacement done is reputed
-Try to fix frameless beam blades or silicone blades for a change
-Get a warranty on the replacement

Windshield wiper blades – A key facet of a good windshield

Again, read the manual of your car to find out what type of blades would be suitable. Your car may also accommodate more than one size. Do this before even going to buy the cheapest windshield. Let’s look at some more pointers-

-Measure your current blades using a measuring tape. They will likely be more than one, so measure them separately. In case they are both different, you can then buy 2 different ones.
-Try calling up an auto parts store before going all the way to the shop. Try finding wiper blades online. You will need to keep at handy the model of the current wiper blades, the make of the car and the model number. Insist on the store owner to install the blades for you.
-Keep the old wiper in storage. In case of an emergency, it is good to have a spare one handy.
– In case you have changed your wipers before, and do not know which were the original ones, look up online or visit a car dealership of your car maker. There is a possibility that your model is an old one and no more in production.
-Go for blades made of rubber if you want to cut cost. Rubber wiper blades come inside a metal frame. If you have had a positive experience with rubber wiper blades, then stick with them. They
are efficient.
-For durability, go for silicone wiper blades. They are a fine alternative to conventional rubber wiper blades. They are more efficient at wiping off water compared to rubber wipers. They cost more but last twice as long as rubber blades. They are also quieter compared to rubber wiper blades.
-Another option would be ‘beam blades’. They remove streaking and residue. These blades are made of rubber and do not have an external frame. They are also the best alternative for curved windshields as they offer better flexibility.
-Winter blades will help you survive the cold weather. Some of these blades are made up of Graphite or Teflon – both offer enhanced strength. They, however, cost more than rubber or silicone blades.

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