Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Nougat update benefits you

Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Nougat update benefits you

The smartphone that changed the entire perception of how a smartphone should look and perform is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The S7 Edge comes packed with powerful features including the latest Snapdragon processor, a bigger RAM, and long-lasting battery. Samsung has won the competition with its flagship device that promises an unbeatable style statement as well as impeccable performance.

The company has recently decided to bring the Android 7 or Nougat update to its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge devices. This update promises to deliver a better user-interface experience along with improving the overall performance of the phone.

Given below are the five best upgrades that owners of the Galaxy S7 Edge can expect from the Nougat update.

Notifications and quick settings
With the famous notification changes with the Android Nougat version, notifications will now reset to the way they are in stock nougat. The new interface by Samsung will quickly make changes to the quick settings area. The five prominent quick toggles will be available on the top of the screen at all times. You just need to swipe down to reveal the extra options that can be then rearranged as per liking.

Samsung will also provide users with the options of changing the position of the brightness toggle and even change the grid layout. Notification area will be the one place to see the most changes with the Nougat update. You can also use the toolbar to manage paired gadgets and show up connected audio devices.

Remove irritating apps
The upgraded Samsung Power Management tool will continue to prevent applications from using power in the background after being closed. However, now users can manually put to sleep some applications on the home screen by clicking on the application and choosing the “put to sleep” option. This will ensure that if the app runs in the background, it does not drain the battery life or receive updates till it is in use. This will help to keep applications in check that require more battery power and processing.

Blue light filtering
This is one feature that is already present in the Google Pixel and Apple iPhone range of smartphones. The blue light filter helps to reduce strain caused on eyes by keeping the display in a warmer hue. This is available in the quick settings menu by default and by simply pressing the option will help you to control how warm the screen becomes along with setting a time for it.

Samsung Performance Mode
Samsung has taken a different approach to ensure better performance and battery in Android Nougat. Users will still have the battery-saving mode including power-saving mode. The performance mode takes it a bit further by providing four presets to select from among a shortcut to switch in and out from the high-performance mode.

Given below are the options that will be available with the improvised performance mode in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge;

  • Normal: 1080p, video enhancer, game launcher and tools on
  • High performance: 1440p display with maximum brightness.
  • Game mode: 1080p display with full brightness and activated game launcher as well as game tools
  • Entertainment mode: 1440p display with video enhancer on, max brightness and UHQ more upscale on

The default icon borders called squircles make a comeback with the Nougat update. The default settings on the Galaxy S7 Edge close icons inside a curvy rectangular border and provide the user-interface with a better appearance. Many applications such as Twitter use normal icons inside a rounded border.

In case you look forward to enjoying the features available with the new Android Nougat update, then you should wait until the official update.

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