Homemade food tips for a German shepherd puppy

Homemade food tips for a German shepherd puppy

German Shepherds are medium to large sized dogs, which are largely used as working dogs. They were originally bred for herding sheep, but due to their intelligence and obedience they are used for a variety of other purposes. As they do a lot of hard work they need to have a proper diet. Following are some homemade food tips for a healthy future of your pet:

German Shepherds are vulnerable to many autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, allergies and skin problems. Therefore, it is essential that you give special attention towards what you feed them. Feeding them with homemade meals will definitely help in keeping them healthy. Making food at home may be a bit hectic but to keep your pet healthy and safe from diseases you can always put in that extra effort.

Fresh foods without any additives, preservatives or colors will help keep your pet free from diseases such as gastrointestinal ailments or food intolerances.

You must feed them a balanced and nutritious diet. An unbalanced diet may increase the chances of your pet falling ill. It is advisable to give your pet fresh foods as they contain most of the essential nutrients, vitamins and supplements. Always consult a vet or a veterinary nutritionist to create a perfect diet chart for your pet.

In a homemade diet, people usually give meat, poultry and fish which are rich in proteins. Muscle meat, organ meat, meaty bones are also rich in proteins and make the diet a healthy one. You can also incorporate plain yogurt, cottage cheese or eggs in it. You can either choose to feed your pet cooked food, raw diet or a mixture of both raw and cooked food. You must consult with your veterinary nutritionist or conduct in-depth research on contemporary diseases resulting from raw foods before you make the choice.

Ensure that your homemade dog food recipes includes green leafy vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants. Veggies such as carrots, cooked sweet potatoes or fruits such as berries are very healthy for German Shepherd puppies. It will be great if you boil them lightly, as this will increase the nutritional value of the veggies. Puppies also enjoy whole grains and raw vegetables as chewy snacks. Keep your pup away from toxic foods.

Many commercial pet foods contain grains such as wheat and corn, which are not good for your pet. They have short digestive tracts and cannot digest grains. Again some commercial foods were said to be contaminated. Hence, it is always better to feed your pet homemade food.

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