How to get quick relief from abdominal pain

How to get quick relief from abdominal pain

A very uncomfortable feeling arises when the stomach is unsettled. A feeling like stabbing, pulsating, burning, throbbing, or even cramping is experienced inside the abdominal area. The intensity differs but there is a lot of desperation to find relief.
There are different reasons as to why your stomach hurts. Therefore, every stomach ache cannot have the same treatment. The common ones could use the age old home remedies to heal.
Here’s a list of few things you could try
Wonders Of Baking Soda
The other name is sodium bicarbonate. The antacid property of this substance eases out the burning sensation in the stomach. To prepare this, take a half teaspoon of baking soda and add it to a half cup of water.
The Hot Bottle
Use a hot bottle of water on the surface of the stomach after eating food helps in making the process of digestion easier. It aids in a thorough cleaning of the stomach without any residual matter left behind. Thus, you’ll have lesser stomach problems.
The Prune Juice Trick
The unpleasant sensations in the stomach especially due to constipation can be very annoying. The feeling of gurgling and shifting can cause a temporary increase in the pain. Prunes are laxatives which ease out pain and the uncomfortable sensation. A quick relief can be expected from this one!
The Other Miracles Of Alcohol
The bitterness of alcohol can naturally cure stomach pain and bring about a relief. These bitters contain a blend of ginger, mint, fennel, and cinnamon which are known to cure the stomach ache.
Bland Food
Although it can taste horrible, it should be eaten to prevent it from getting worse. Bland food is food without any spices and salts. Banana, rice, applesauce, and toast (BRAT) are rich in nutrition and can help in easing the stomach. Follow the BRAT diet to heal faster.
Lime And Water
For people who cannot have fennel, lemon water comes to the rescue. The acidic property of lemon triggers the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to break down food and keep things smooth.
Munching on crackers can help in managing stomach ache by neutralizing the acid concentration in the stomach. Consuming crackers along with some hot tea can relieve the discomfort in the stomach and eliminate nausea.
A Banana A Day Keeps Stomach Problems At Bay
Not just apples, but bananas too have the property of curing stomach ailments. This is due to its bland taste.

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