How to treat pinched nerve pain at home

How to treat pinched nerve pain at home

Pinched nerve in body parts like shoulder can cause discomfort and extreme pain in some cases. Any injury occurring to the nerves which commonly result from constriction or compression of some sort is called as a pinched nerve.
A pinched nerve in the shoulder can be minor or serious. There are usual treatments that include physical therapy, medication and surgery in some cases.

If the pain due to pinched nerve is minor, you can treat them at home with some simple home remedies that ease discomfort.

Below listed are some home remedies that you can use to treat the pinched nerve pain

Essential oils
Some of the essential oils such as marjoram, peppermint, chamomile, lavender etc. might help in relieving the nerve pain. Heating the oil and rubbing and massaging it on the affected area can help reduce the pain that is caused by the pinched nerve. A few drops of warm olive oil with any of the above listed oils can help alleviate the symptoms and also provide a warm feeling to the area.

Honey and Cinnamon
Honey and cinnamon are some common household items that can help in relieving shoulder pain due to pinched nerve. Mixing honey and cinnamon can lessen the pain with the combination of their medicinal properties. Make a paste by taking a cup of honey and add cinnamon into it until the honey thickens and forms into a paste. Apply the paste on the shoulder for 7 to 10 minutes. It is one of the effective ways to help ease the pain. An important thing to note here is that cinnamon has a warm effect on the skin and can leave the area of the skin red, so make sure to sample the paste on a small piece of your skin first.

Some other home remedies
There are some unconventional yet effective home remedies that can help treat pinched nerve pain in the shoulder. Fill rice in an old sock and microwave it for less than a minute and then apply it on the shoulder. This method acts like wet heat. The wet or moist heat can have the ability to penetrate microbial cells under the surface, thus helping the skin absorb heat more efficiently. While you are getting treated for the neck pain due to pinched nerve, you can use a neck pillow which will offer relief from the symptom.

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