Popular types of vanity mirrors to choose from

Popular types of vanity mirrors to choose from

Vanity mirrors with lights make you feel like a celebrity ready to walk onto a set with confidence. Owning one of these mirrors in your bathroom, bedroom, or closet can boost your confidence every morning as you get ready to step out of the house.

If you are someone who applies makeup on a regular basis, a vanity mirror with lights is a must-buy. Applying makeup using a small mirror is frustrating, and the absence of light can worsen things. Having the right lighting while applying makeup is of utmost importance to ensure an evenly applied makeup.

There are different types of vanity mirrors available in the market. Each of these types suits different needs.

Wall mounted mirrors
These are large vanity mirrors that are mounted on the wall so it does not move from its place. These usually fit with any type of decor. These vanity mirrors come with lights on the edge as well.

Mirrors with different light settings
These vanity mirrors come with strong or dim light settings so that there is enough light emitted on the face. The lights can be turned off when there are other sources of light or daylight.

Bathroom vanity mirrors
These type of vanity mirrors are used in bathrooms; however, you would have to ensure to match this with your vanity cabinet otherwise it will just seem out of place. These vanity mirrors are a great investment and make your bathroom look grand.

LED lighted mirrors
These mirrors are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and have a touchscreen and options to turn on lights through it. These mirrors are equipped with LED lights instead of traditional bulbs. These are also lightweight and mobile. They do not need to be mounted on walls.

Foldable vanity mirrors
These are also LED touchscreen mirrors but are smaller and can be folded, thereby making them portable. They can be folded into compact spaces and be carried outside. This is useful for people with busy schedules.

Vanity mirrors with lights come in different shapes and sizes. They come in vertical rectangle, horizontal rectangle, circular and sometimes irregular shapes as well. Depending on where you want to place the mirror and the size of the surroundings, the right shape and size have to be chosen.

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