Read this before buying a new convertible car

Read this before buying a new convertible car

Buying a convertible car has everything to do with enjoying the open-air driving experience. They have a very little to do with practicality. Earlier convertible cars were also termed as fair-weather only cars. As the automobile industry evolved, new convertible cars required fewer compromises. Thanks to the ragtop that was retractable and made of fabric.

Earlier models of convertible cars retracted their tops in 25 seconds or less. Newer convertibles allow the drivers to lower or raise the top while driving at lower speeds.

Here are a couple of pointers for you if you are planning to buy a new convertible car.

  • Deciding on how you plan to use your car will help you narrowing your choices. Decide between selecting a true sports car or a four-seater that happens to have an opening roof. At the same time, how frequently are you going to drive also counts.
  • When it comes to pricing, convertibles usually cost significantly more than an equivalent fixed-roof car. If you have a strict budget constraint, a used model may be a good alternative instead of buying a new convertible car.
  • The powertrains of the convertible cars usually range from 4 cylinders (like the ones we see in Mazda Miata MX-5 , and fiat cooper 500c) to powerful V8 cylinders (like the ones we see in American muscle cars like Chevrolet Camaro or ford Mustang). Fuel economy is less efficient in a convertible car as compared to their fixed-roof counterparts.
  • Even convertible cars have types. The roadsters are two seated cars that are fun to drive. If you are looking to buy new convertible car that is sporty, fast and prioritizes performance efficiency over comfort, then roadster convertibles are the just the car for you.
  • Plain convertibles are all about sharing the experience. They are more mainstream than their sporty counterparts. These cars can seat 4 passengers. Whereas larger models can seat up to 5 passengers.
  • Upscale luxury convertibles are a good combination of performance and luxury. They are great to drive and have plush and luxurious interiors. It can be an expensive deal as they combine both ride quality and an wind-in-the-hair experience.
  • Most of the convertibles get their torque delivered in the rear wheels while some luxury convertibles use front-wheel drive. If you are looking for performance driven cars, then an all-wheel drive provides a significantly good traction irrespective of the weather.
  • The price of new convertible cars starts from $20,000. Some convertibles like the Volkswagen beetle can be well over $100,000. For ultra-luxury performance, can cost as much as $250,000. So if you are looking a moderately priced convertible, look for new convertible cars that are unique blend of muscle, fashion and a four-place seating.

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