Reasons to wait for the new Toyota Camry’s launch

Reasons to wait for the new Toyota Camry’s launch

Just as we have been drooling over the wow deals on the new Toyota Camry 2017, we hear that the makers have announced the 2018 model already. Set to enter the market by the late spring of this year, the announcement has already made a few willing buyers postpone their plans of buying the Toyota Camry 2017 and wait for the new version instead.

We give you few good reasons as to why such a wait will be fruitful!

  • Since the 2018 edition will launch around summer, the decision to wait will be worth it. In case you stay somewhere where there’s snow, and you needed not buy a car right away, it is better you stay put. This will protect your glimmer new car from getting spoiled by slat and winter sand. From pits on the windshield to chipping of paint, the possible damages are too many.
  • You already know that the Toyota Camry’s sales in 2017 are increasing and thus the car is produced in high volumes. It is late among the topper lists and for the mid-sized segment, the model often turns out to be a huge seller. Moreover, before the 2018 model and right after the latest edition, you might even expect a special fiction. This could on be more power packed and value for money. The SE bunches often offer superb Toyota Camry price deals. With such possibilities as well as with overlaps on dealer stocks, you could get more discount sometime later on the 2018 option or even on the latest Toyota Camry 2017 for that matter.
  • Another awesome yet much-overlooked reason to wait for the 2018 edition is that while the release will be the summer or spring of 2017, the model will be tagged the 2018 edition. This will be more valuable when trying to close a resale deal on the Camry. This is almost as if you get an add-on six months usage and additionally does not add to the depreciation log either.

With so much going in favor of the 2018 model, take a second thought at making your purchase delay a little. After all, buying a car must not be an impulsive decision!

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