Seven latest cooktops that you should check out

Seven latest cooktops that you should check out

A cooktop is characterized by a platform containing multiple heating units either built-in or placed on top of a surface. While most of them are powered by electricity or gasoline, cooktops using the concept of electromagnetic induction have also become popular. It is essential to compare cooktop prices as well as the pros and cons offered by them.

If you are planning to buy one, here are some popular and latest cooktops that you can consider for your home.

  • Kenmore Elite The 3112 model works best for roasting purposes since it allows a combination of both one side burners for all-rounded heating. Its applicability is not just limited to comfort food such as burgers or sandwiches, but also extends to delicate food recipes that require technique.
  • Bosch The all-new Bosch NETP666SUC cooktop backed by electricity is another option available in the market that is currently a favorite among buyers. Made of ceramic, it heats up instantly just with a press of a control button.
  • Thermador The Thermador Masterpiece is known for being the chef’s assistant. It encompasses a feature which automatically reignites the flame in case it goes out accidentally. Now you don’t have to worry about the stove turning off while cooking food since your assistant will definitely come to your rescue.
  • LG Owners of small kitchens have a reason to rejoice since LG provides a 30 inches cooktop by the model name LCE3010SB. This in no way means that it is not powerful since it features various burners and heat settings for rapid cooking.
  • GE Caf The CGP650SETSS version of the brand is a savior for cooks as its burner can heat up to temperatures as high as 20,000 thermal units providing you the opportunity to cook sizzling hot food. The burner can also maintain a lower temperature of 5000 thermal units to ensure that food items do not burn.
  • Frigidaire If you call yourself a fan of traditional cooking and believe in the power of knobs on cooktops, then the FFEC3225MB model from the Frigidaire will be an apt option for you.
  • Whirlpool If you are a cleanliness freak, the WCG97US6DS model from the house of Whirlpool will be an absolute delight. The company has taken the initiative of constructing sealed burners so that any form of spillage does not leak down to the underside of the apparatus which makes cleaning a simple task.

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