The best Ikea furniture pieces that you must own

The best Ikea furniture pieces that you must own

Regardless of whether you own a small apartment or a luxurious home, there is one decor brand which can solve all the issues pertaining to the furnishing needs. Ikea is rightly considered the Swedish giant that have has perfected the versatility of function and art of fashion with the power of minimalistic collection which walks a fine line between classic designs and trendy designs. An Ikea stool with the designer pendant light can help you achieve the much-coveted appearance of the home.
The reality is that Ikea furniture can be operated on a small budget and you can get plenty of options where you can splurge in some and save a little in a few pieces. Also, there is a scope for enough customization, imagination, and reworks for upgrading the overall look of the furniture. Here are some of the highly favored furniture pieces from the house of Ikea:

Ikea bed frame: The bed from Ikea has an unbelievable design, and the clean-lined and minimalistic pattern is priced affordably. If you are willing to make a bold statement in an overtly pale colored room, you always have the choice of painting your beds. Also, there are many colors that the Ikea beds are already painted in which would match the wall scones and the existing decor of the room. The Ikea beds can add a lovely presence in the home. On the other hand, you can also color your bed frame with the same paint as your walls to create a monochromatic effect as the cool look would wash off the room.
Rocking chair: This gorgeous piece of Ikea furniture would add a stunning appeal to your home decor. Be it the bedroom or the living room, this rocking chair is the perfect fit for wherever you put it. The sleek Scandinavian pattern on the classic rocking chair has been amazingly crafted to create a unique shape and color.
Base drawers: The base cabinets from Ikea furniture are available in dark colors that can alter the appearance of the entire kitchen. The chest drawers form a bold but blank canvas that can accentuate the lower half of the kitchen. You can also apply black leather straps on the doors along with the drawers. The leather would bring about a soft feel which would stay intact for many years to come.
Storage boxes: Most people today remain so much occupied with their works that they hardly get any time to organize their belongings. If this condition sounds similar to yours, then the Ikea storage boxes are made for you. These boxes come with a lid which can accommodate stuff that you can neither throw away nor afford to organize.
Ikea offers incredibly designed kitchen pieces which can be contrasted or matched with the tiling and kitchen island that are already in action. If you love customized items, then Ikea furniture offers a host of personalized furniture pieces that can uplift the appearance of your home.

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