Tips for effective bedroom furniture placement

Tips for effective bedroom furniture placement

It is a well-established fact that bedroom furniture is capable of having a great impact on your mind. Your comfort level in the house depends upon whether the furniture has been positioned appropriately. Though the layout should be aesthetically pleasing, it also has to be practical and functional. To correctly place furniture in the bedroom, the following points should be kept in mind.

  • Measure the dimensions – Make use of a measuring tape to get the exact details of the area of the room. When you go to purchase bedroom furniture, the first thing asked by the salesperson is the length and breadth of the room. Your trip to the store will be of no use if you do not know which bed will suit the size of the room. When you get a customized bed constructed, the store owner sends his personnel to get a rough idea of the dimensions of the room though self-performance of this task is advisable.
  • Pay attention to the focal points – Focal points here mean the specific areas that will define the placement of bedroom furniture. For example, the wall with windows, size of windows, electricity points for television and air conditioner, walls with doors, telephone jacks and wall outlets. This is important if you don’t want to change the wiring system or drill new holes.
  • Understand the exit points – No bedroom furniture should be placed near the area around the doors so as to facilitate unrestrained opening and closing of doors. Moreover, having chests and drawers too close to the doorway give a very cluttered and cramped feel to the room. You can rather keep two long-standing lamps on both the sides for a subtle, elegant look.
  • Recognize the utility of the bedroom – Another essential aspect to be considered is the purpose for which is the bedroom is to be used. Apart from sleeping, most people spend time watching television and studying in the bedroom. The room to be used by an individual will have a different layout than if the same room is to be used by two persons. Adults’ bedroom will have different bedroom furniture than kids’ bedroom. The room may also serve as the guest room, so you will have to plan the need as well as placement of furniture accordingly.
  • Estimate the size of furniture – Once all other aspects have been considered, find out what dimensions of different furniture items will best match the dimensions of the room. If it is a small bedroom, then a twin bed will be sufficient. A master bedroom will not look good until a California bed is placed and so on.

Purchasing bedroom furniture involves a large expenditure even if an item as basic as a table has to be bought. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to think and plan carefully before taking a decision. Hiring the services of experts can be an option if you are not satisfied with the current layout and want to give it a complete revamp. The interior designer will assist you in planning from scratch and provide you the best solution for the given budget.

Your bedroom furniture reflects your style, standard of living and class. Don’t blindly follow current fashion fads and invest wisely in products that would look good in your house. Use multipurpose furniture items that save space and provide great value for money. If you want your bedroom furniture to last long, always purchase from a reputed brand that delivers what it promises. Obviously, if you buy teak you should get teak and not some other cheap alternative. After all, paying a high price for a low-quality product can hurt really badly.

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