Tips to Get Cheap Deals on Kindle Tablets

Tips to Get Cheap Deals on Kindle Tablets

If you have finally decided to buy a Kindle, you should start looking for deals on older models and whether there are any special discounts that can be availed. Like all the other brands, Amazon sells its older Kindles at a lower price. However, you have to be careful about buying Kindles older than 2016, because most of them have been discontinued. You will easily find used and refurbished models of Kindles online, but it will be risky to invest in something like that when you are getting offers on new ones. Following are a few tips to find cheap Kindle tablets this year.

Buy a Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite is the basic model, which still offers great value for money. This e-reader is considered to be the most cost-effective reader in the market and is known to be better in design and performance as compared to other e-readers. Therefore, if you would like to buy a cheap Kindle tablet that is very good in all aspects, think of buying a Kindle Paperwhite.

Invest in old models
As already mentioned, Amazon sells its older models at lower prices. Therefore, the best way to find a deal on Kindle will be to keep an eye on older models and buy one as soon as their prices drop. Amazon keeps switching prices, and you can get great deals on older models during Amazon sales and also when the company launches a new Kindle because this is the time they have sales for their older models at lower prices.

Check out Kindle Oasis
Kindle Oasis cannot be named in the list of cheap Kindle tablets, but it is worthy to be mentioned and checked out once. This is because, this year, the Oasis is 15% cheaper than last year’s model and it also offers better features. Therefore, buying a Kindle Oasis is a better deal rather than a cheap deal, but it definitely is worth it given that this Kindle is waterproof.

Find a Kindle Voyage
Kindle Voyage used to be the costliest Kindle before Kindle Oasis arrived. According to industry experts, Amazon may be planning to discontinue the model soon. Therefore, right now is a good time to find some great deals on this other expensive model. Voyage is considered as one of the best e-book readers available in the market right now, so grabbing a deal on it might turn out to be a cost-effective decision.

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