Top 3 Shaving Razors for Women

Top 3 Shaving Razors for Women

Unlike men, who can get their shaving done in minutes, women have to pay a lot of attention and care for good results. They have sensitive skin which is prone to get damaged if it is not done the right way. Though there are various other options for hair removal among women, shaving is common when it comes to their legs, pubic area, and a few times, hands. Due to the amount of care required to invest, women are always on the run to get their best razor for shaving. This can be a tiring process many times as there are various types available and they do not know which suits their bodies.

To provide some help in choosing, we have decided to come to the aid of our ever-caring women. Based on reviews provided, we have made a list of 5 razors that have met the needs of women and provided great results. If you have sensitive skin and have had any bad incidents before, we suggest you check with a skin professional before you make the choice. Having established this information, let us look at the top three women’s best razor for shaving.

Gillette Venus Sensitive

Gillette is a huge company when it comes to the razor business. They have been around for a very long time and their innovations have increased precise-shaving over the years. As the leaders that they are, women’s razors are also part of their long line of production. They make the perfect justice to the name given, as men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Not only the name but these lines of razors are created to meet the sensitive skin of women. To top the list, we have the Gillette Venus Sensitive which is reviewed and rated to be the best razor for shaving amidst women.

Gillette Venus Sensitive comes with 3 blades, cushions for protection and lubricated strips to make shaving soft and your skin smooth. It is designed to fit the curves, making it very effective but simple to use, making it the best razor for shaving. With these features and the incredible reviews, it is definitely one of best razor for shaving built for women. Though there are other Gillette products that have good qualities, this razor is clearly a favorite for its multi-purpose usage.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle

The only product on this list that can compete with Gillette Venus Sensitive is Schick Hydro Silk Style. With a price point similar to Venus, the Hydro Silk TrimStyle comes with more options to meet the requirements of women. The specialty of the product is the combination of a razor and bikini trimmer which is waterproof. The razor comes with hydrating serum and guards, that increase the moisture of the skin after the shave and keep your skin smooth. They are tested by dermatologists. The trimmer helps you maintain your pubic area and since it is waterproof, it can be used inside or outside water. There are 4 different combos that can be attained with this product, based on your need of the hour. With so much dedication put into the product, this is definitely a razor that women should have and this makes it the best razor for shaving.

Panasonic Ladies Electric Shaver

The only other worthy contender in this section, which is also completely electric, is the Panasonic Ladies Electric Shaver. Though it does not have the lubricating features like Gillette or Schick, it does challenge the speed as it is very fast compared to them. There can be 10 shaves done with a fully charged shaver.

With these three options available to make women’s shaving easy, one can narrow down the huge pile of variants. Ensure that you buy the best razor for shaving as cheap ones may not serve any purpose and they may lead to injuries or infections. We suggest you check out the fantastic deals in your nearest store or online to get these products in your kitty.

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